Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Episode 11: Selecting and Developing Leaders for Excellence

What traits should a leader have? Are some leaders better suited for certain types of positions than others? How do you tell who is best suited for which positions? One of the best places to start assessing leadership potential is with the Winslow Dynamics Profile Instrument, a 24 Character Trait Assessment that is invaluable for interviewing, hiring, coaching, developing and assessing right relationship with organizational positions. Brenda Chaddock hosts Ed Allen, Executive Director of the Winslow Research institute and Executive Coach, a former Vice President at Oracle Corp. and a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (Ret.) for an insider’s look at optimal traits for leadership.

Guest Experts

Ed Allen's first career was in the U.S. Navy for 30 years during which he achieved the rank of Rear Admiral. During his Navy career, he led six operational commands: an F-14 Squadron, a Carrier Air Wing, an Amphibious Assault ship, an Attack Aircraft Carrier, Naval Space Command and a Carrier Battle Group/Commander NATO Strike Force. He served as a Joint Task Force Commander at sea and as Deputy Joint Task Force Commander in Southwest Asia. His shore tours included the Navy Staff, the Joint Chiefs Staff and the Space/Naval Warfare Systems Command. Ed has a Master’s Degree in International Relations, graduated from the National War College, the Senior Officers Material Readiness Course and completed Graduate Business studies in Information Technology. He was awarded the United States Navy League John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership and the Tailhooker of the Year Award. As a Naval Flight Officer, he accumulated over 3,300 flight hours, and 1285 arrested landings in 19 different types of aircraft.

As a Vice President Business Development for the Oracle Corporation, Ed focused on e-Business solutions for Department of Defenses Agencies, Navy/Marine Corps and Public Sector Health. These solutions enabled secure access to information, enterprise collaboration and significant business impact and ROI. He was also responsible for Oracle’s Leadership and Executive Coaching initiative.Ed’s coaching is primarily with Corporate executives, managers and teams with a focus on business results. Clients also include a former U.S. Senator and senior Defence Department leaders and military Flag/General Officers.

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