Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode 7: Climbing the Leadership Mountain: Handholds and Footholds

Very few people ever accomplish anything entirely on their own. This is especially true for leaders. Join Carollyne Conlinn as she hosts Brent Tremblay, CEO of Kootenay Savings Credit Union, and Susan Bock, a Certified Executive Coach and Legacy Leadership® Facilitator, to whom Carollyne introduced Legacy Leadership and its five Best Practices in 2006. Sue then introduced Legacy Leadership to Brent, who took it to his senior team. This show focuses on Best Practice # 3 – how leaders inspire and develop the leaders that follow them. Learn about how leaders lend a hand to those following them on the way up the leadership mountain, establishing footholds – or favourable environments - for them to step into their leadership. Learn how to reach out – and step up.

Guests: Brent Tremblay and Sue Block (Bios Coming Soon)

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