Monday, August 25, 2008

Episode 4 - Who's In Charge? We Are

Can we be leaders and followers at the same time? Does a group have to have one leader? Join Brenda Chaddock, designer of the innovative Peer Leadership Practice Model, as she welcomes featured guests Dale Nienow, E D of the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle, WA and his colleague Karma Ruder, Director of Community Collaboration at the Center and lead author of the book The Collective Leadership Framework, A Workbook for Cultivating and Sustaining Community Change; and Laura Mack, a Vancouver entrepreneur who is involved in several pilot projects using this evolving model and is authoring the Peer Leadership Handbook. Together they explore Peer and Collective leadership. How are they different; how are they alike? What are the best applications and respective benefits of each? How do people establish inclusive and effective leadership without hierarchy? While these leadership models can be challenging, they have proven themselves to be tremendously rewarding for those who have felt that they didn’t have a voice as a follower. Find out how these models can help you find your voice as a leader.

Guest Bios

Dr. Dale Nienow

Dr. Newnow is Executive Director of the Center for Ethical Leadership, a non-profit that helps people put values into action and create environments where people open up, tap into their potential and gifts, and bring forward their collective wisdom. Dale consults frequently with a broad range of organizations across sectors: community-based, nonprofit, government, philanthropy, business, and education. He shares leadership for the national Kellogg Leadership for Community Change program on behalf of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. This work fosters place-based, boundary crossing, collective leadership for community change. Areas of interest include: values-based leadership, creating gracious space, collective leadership, and leadership by compelling questions.

Karma Ruder
Over the last 30 years, Karma has worked in public and non-profit sectors to create authentic processes that inspire people to move beyond differences and conflict into the creative territory of community and collaboration.
For the national Kellogg Leadership for Community Change initiative to develop collective, place - based leadership, Karma was the lead author of the Framework Workbook. This approach guides individual and collective leadership development aimed at improving the quality of life in communities.

Karma directs the Confluence at the Center for Ethical Leadership, an innovative local program that increases community capacity to tackle complex social issues by creating a setting and structured format for learning across difference.
Previously, she was the Director of the City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Planning Office. This program engaged 30,000 citizens in creating their own plans for growing with grace. Plans have guided over $500 million in City investments in neighborhoods.

Laura Mack, Whitelight Consulting
Laura Mack is a leadership consultant and facilitator. Over the span of her diverse career, she has held a range of positions, working both independently and as part of teams in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

She has been executive director of a national association and operated a sole proprietorship promoting inspirational speakers, leadership and development facilitators and trainers. Currently she is consultant to the International Leadership Association, developing partnerships with executives of organizations interested in leadership studies and practices.
Mother of a gifted child, she is currently Secretary of the Board of the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia.

Laura’s passion lies in assisting individuals and communities achieve their potential and in developing the Peer Leadership approach to realizing visions, building communities and achieving corporate and social goals.

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